Let’s just jump right into it.iOS 9 will be smaller than previous updates. iOS 9 comes in at just a 1.3GB install it. iOS 9 takes the wonderful Siri that is on the Apple Watch. The user interface is more …

iOS 9: The Detailed Report

Picelmator for iPhone

Pixelmator Photo-Editing comes to the iPhone and I for one love it. Pixelmator is a staple on my Mac as I am sure it is many. The user base for the program is as loyal as Apple fanboys. What is …

Pixelmator Photo-Editing comes to the iPhone



What if you could see without contacts or glasses anymore? Ocumetics Technology hopes to one day have you ponder that question. That day may be sooner than you think if Ocumetics Technology is successful with its Bionic Lens trials. …

What if you could see without contacts or glasses anymore?


Apple Watch cannot work without the iPhone. Oh so you thought. While that is sort of true, it is not completely true. The Apple Watch does not have to be paired with an iPhone in order to get some

Here are the things Apple Watch can do without an ...


Some people have yet to receive their Apple Watch but Apple already released its first update. Thats a good thing. The update fixes issues and adds many improvements to performance.

Watch OS 1.0.1 makes an already great Apple Watch version

Apple Watch Update: OS 1.0.1 Summary


The Apple Watch is going to take some work to get use to. It is not as easy to use as the Apple iPhone but it is worth it. Digital Touch lets you share doodles, taps and heartbeats with other …

Hidden Apple Watch color palette for Digital Touch   Recently updated !


The Apple Watch has grown on me but I still used my Fitbit. Why? I like the challenges and the ability to see my steps. Apple does not make it easy to see your steps on the Apple Watch. It …

How to check your steps on your Apple Watch   Recently updated !



You’ve had your Apple Watch for a week or two now. That band is starting to look old. Apple is not a fan of making cheap. I mean affordable products and you are not about to spend over $100 …

The best 3rd Party Apple Watch straps



Did you know you can control your Apple TV with your Apple Watch? Well you can. You can use gestures just like you do on the iPhone app. The Remote app comes pre-installed on the Apple Watch, so you

How to setup Apple Watch to Control Apple TV