Shots Fired (Literally): A vLog Entry 

This is my first video blog and what better way to start it than with a real subject. I know you if you follow my interweb social media you are expecting something tech related. I’ll get there but but this more important and must be said. Another young black man was shot today. Another video captured the whole thing. Nothing will happen because the people who shot him are the people charged to protect him. My heart goes out to the family as well as the black parents like myself who must have a very real conversation with their children. A conversation not about gangs or bullying but about the dangers of being black. That even though you’re a good person it may not be enough.

The fact is yes, #AllLivesShouldMatter but more often than not #blacklivesmatter less to the police. That is not say all cops are bad, however enough are without a normal sense of empathy for their fellow man and makes the system broken. #RIP to #AltonStreling #PhilandoCastile #EricGarner #FreddieGray #MichaelBrown & those that never got any media attention #SaintelSays

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